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Park Ridge Organics is certified Organic by the USDA following the National Organic Program standards. CLICK HERE to view our most recent certification. This certification is the real deal!  We are regulated and inspected by our chosen certifying agency, Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).  So what does it mean to be certified Organic?  check out the NOP standards and detailed information about Organic certification. USDA's info


We became certified in 2003, our very first season.  Our farming methods are tried and true and our farm is open for anyones inspection.  We feel that by being certified Organic, our customers can rest easy knowing that we mean what we say.  We are inspected by MOSA on an annual basis.  Yes, it does cost us money to be certified.  It is a price we are willing to pay.  We stand strong behind the integrity of the Organic label.